How to arrange a music concert


The first thing to do when arranging a music concert is to make a list of everything that you will need and to start working on a budget. Make sure to call your local authorities to make sure what is allowed and what is not allowed. How to arrange a music concert you need to find a band. Make some calls and find out what bands will be interested and what they charge. Also get an opening band or artist to open the concert before the actual band starts their performance. When you get a band that will be interested, you need to get a venue. Garden & Lawn Maintenance Service in Staten Island NY has contracts with many of the outside venues and recommends that you must have a maintenance company to come and clear the area of debris and dangers and come back after the concert to do another clean up of the area.

Make sure it is big enough to hold the number of people that will attend the concert. Make sure to book the venue at least a month or two before the concert. Decide if the concert is going to be a standing or seated event. Get security set up, especially if the band is going to be one that is famous. Even if it is not a famous band, still get security just to make sure. Decide the age group that the band will be performing for and set an age limit. You don’t want to be caught with under aged fans that can get you in trouble.

Make sure that you get a sound engineer to run things smoothly. He will be in charge of the microphones and other sound equipment that will be used. You will need to get an MC. He will be in charge of opening and closing the night. You can get someone famous or even a family friend that knows how to speak in front of large groups of people.

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They will be introducing the band or artists. Decide what time the concert will start and the time that the doors will open. You can also help the band or artist to sell their CD’s during breaks and after the concert. Don’t charge them for this because you might need them again one day. After all the final arrangements have been made, you need to start with advertising to get people to attend the concert. Make posters headlining the actual band, the opening band or artist, the time of the event, the date, contact numbers to get tickets, the price of the tickets and any other website related places where tickets can be ordered online. Use social media and radio to advertise. On the night of the event make sure to be there two or three hours before to make sure everything is working.

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